Hi! I’m Victor,
a Senior UX / UI Designer

I’m currently designing digital products at Dreeven. I’m based in Montreal.

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I’m a Senior UX / UI Designer with 10+ years of professional experience currently based in Montreal. Prior to Canada, I worked as a designer in France, USA and China in design agencies and in-house.

I design interfaces by prototyping, testing, improving and iterating. You can find me in meetups talking excitingly about UX and various personal projects!

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Quality work

Victor has a great concern to deliver superior products. He is a great team player that regularly seek to give and receive design feedback on his designs to find the best possible solutions.


Simon Martel

VP @ GoCo

Detail oriented

Victor is a skilled ergonomist as well as an excellent graphic designer. He was able to adapt quickly to our projects and his recommendations allowed us to improve our visibility and performance.


Mathieu Fournier

CEO @ Mot Diese

Quick & reliable

Victor can understand the client's background and needs very quickly. His work is always refined and he consistently delivers high-quality graphic design work.


Florent Cayrel

Cofounder @ Mot Diese

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Why did you study and work in design?

Designers have a wonderful opportunity to inspire others through their creations. The products they create conveys stories and emotions that connects people. Turning stories and visions into real, delightful products is what I find particularily exciting.

What is your mission?

Solving complex design problems in the most simple, elegant way. I find myself particularily happy once the product is redesigned in a way that save users and clients hours of their time (and frustration).

What tools do you currently use?

I create interfaces using mostly Figma, the Adobe Suite and a healthy dose of HTML & CSS.

What are you interested in these days?

I have few projects that keeps me busy such as Sparkmates (meet inspiring professionals) and Bookforest (find great books in minutes).

What are your favorite designers?

Individuals such as Don Norman and Raymond Loewy. Design studios such as Felix & Paul or Pearlstudios.

Any books you'd recommend?

Stay tuned! A book section is coming soon...

What music are you listening to?

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Let’s talk Waving hand

If you have an idea, are interested about design or simply want to connect, feel free to reach out!

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