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Ubity conference tool redesign




6 months



Active conference widget

The brief

Ubity is a company providing telephony solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises and currently one of the top 10 players in Canada.

One of the most popular tool Ubity offers his customers is the ability to create audio conferences. However, since the creation of the company in 2007, no update on this product had been done. My task was to redesign this popular feature.

In July 2019, Ubity has been acquired by Telus, one of the three largest telecom providers in Canada.

My role

  • User experience design (UX)
  • User interface design (UI)


  • Victor Bruzeau (UX/UI designer)
  • Jean Schurger (Lead developer)
  • Elton Tasca Borssoi (Developer)


Mapping the user journey

To begin this redesign, I started mapping the journey users have to go through before, during and after creating conferences. This helped highlight critical parts of their journey and identify users pain points.

Sarah journey

Evaluating the existing product

The existing tool we were offering our client was a simple list presenting the customers' audio conferences.

This view had many UX issues: among them was the fact that conferences that had not yet started would be presented alongside conferences that just ended. This issue was confusing many users who would need additional training on our platform.

Existing design
The existing product (sigh) before the redesign. Can you tell which conference is about to start?


Being one of the most used feature of Ubity's offering, our challenge for this redesign was to make this product as simple to use as possible. Could we help users create an audio conference in less than 30 seconds?


To present the final solution, let's follow the different steps users go through when participating in an audio conference.

1. Creating a conference

As stated in our challenge, we wanted our users to be able to create a conference in just a few clicks and in less than 30 seconds. To do so, I decided to limit the conference creation flow to three screens.

As soon as a conference is created, each participant receives an email explaining in detail how to join the conference.

Email invitation example
If a conference is delayed or cancelled, an updated email will be sent out to conference participants

2. During the conference

Once a conference started, we gave administrators the ability to manage it through a simple, easy-to-use conference widget.

Administrators now have all the tools they need to manage their meetings: they can invite additional participants or moderate the conference by muting and excluding participants.

Widget during a conference

3. After the conference

As soon as the conference ends, a summary report with the conference call recording attached is sent to participants.

Additionally, users can retrieve any past conferences in just a few clicks by using a conference history section.


Almost 2 years after the redesign, the Ubity audio conferencing tool is still one of the most popular feature on our platform and many clients (such as law firms) use it daily to handle their meetings.

The challenge of this project was to give our users the tools they needed to handle critical situations that could arise when creating or managing conferences:

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