Rebranding Ubity




18 months


2015 - 2017

Ubity website responsive

The brief

Ubity is a company providing telephony solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises and currently one of the top 10 players in Canada.

During my first 2 years working at Ubity, I've got the chance to work on a rebranding that would successfully position the company as a leader in the telecommunication industry. The following case study presents my role in leading this rebranding.

In July 2019, Ubity has been acquired by Telus, one of the three largest telecom providers in Canada.

My role

  • Design strategy
  • User experience design (UX)
  • User interface design (UI)


  • Victor Bruzeau (UX/UI designer)
  • Camille Beaudoin (Graphic designer)
  • Edward Rudakov (Developer)


Upon arriving at Ubity, I started mapping all the existing touchpoints on a customer interaction map: it clearly showed that crucial marketing elements were either missing or needed to be updated.

After presenting the findings to the management team, It was decided that our rebranding efforts should be primarily focused on digital communication touchpoints: rebuild our website, blog and documentation website.

Sarah interactions with the various touchpoints
The customer interaction map helped the management prioritize our actions by focusing on items that would greatly affect the customer experience


Besides improving brand recognition, the real challenge of this rebranding was to quickly help our sales team generate more revenue by converting more prospects into customers.


Within 18 months, our team rebuilt the website, blog and support site from the ground up.

Website before after
Website pages
Our website (
Website blog
Blog (
Documentation website
Support website (
Status page
Status page (

Did you know?

According to Google, It takes about 50 milliseconds (ms) for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they’ll stay or leave. It means you often have only one opportunity to make a lasting impression!

Call to actions details
Call to action buttons presented on our website are designed to be highly visible and quickly lead visitors to a contact form or a live chat

Moving forward

Besides rebranding our digital communications, many other marketing collaterals were developed. Maintaining visual consistency across all those marketing elements was a critical part to maintain the user experience and a cohesive branding.

Marketing collaterals
An overview of various additional communication elements that we created to help shape the new Ubity brand


Revamping the Ubity brand from the ground up took our team approximately 18 months. Our 2 primary goals were achieved:

Key statistics

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